BLOND:ISH is more than just a DJ or producer. She is all about Music, Energy, Freedom, and Eco-Activism. She’s built out a community focused on bridging the world of music and art, with wellness, the Web3, crypto, and NFTspace. With this knowledge, she is contributing to revolutionizing the music industry & the world to ultimately lead everyone to Happy Happy World. This is why her motto for all her projects is: LET’S EVOLVE TOGETHER!

Whether she’s operating in 80s disco, afro house, or psychedelic techno mode, performing at mega festivals, destination day clubs beside the sea or at the latest NFT conference, her expert selections are always energizing, positive & beautifully rhythmic.The BLOND:ISH sound is an esoteric sound designed to heighten the senses and to ultimately to inspire her audience.

Because inspiring and connecting people is what BLOND:ISH does best.