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For his fourth album, Agoria enters into mutation.

Agoria defies his own original algorithm, electronic music such as he has always seen it: “deep, stripped-back, melodic”.

It’s no longer a question of creating a new album, but to question himself on the links, the bridges that may exist between his emotion and the machine. A new link opens itself [a new connection creates itself] between the norms, his feeling and the public.

Agoria blends the musical movements, interlaces them. In his reflection he touches upon pop, electronic music but also contemporary art, cinema, artificial intelligence and poetry.

From this creative and chaotic magma “le drift” is born.

In this new algorithm which blends Agoria’s influences, a music without limits, where all the emotions, the ascendancies, the technologies, the arts mingle and intertwine.

« Le Drift » is not a will [determination] but the stripped assembly of evocative codes and influences.